Palace Theatre - The Playhouse Square Center

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The Palace Theatre Playhouse Square Center is located at 1615 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH. The easiest way to get there is to take the I-90, or to take the I-77 to the I-90. If coming from the south, take the Chester Avenue exit and turn left, heading down to East 17th Street. Turn left again, then right on Euclid. From the north, take the East 24th Street exit, then turn right on to Chester Avenue, then left on East 17th Street, then right on Euclid.



Palace Theatre is part of the Playhouse Square Center, which has plenty of parking to offer any time of the day. Better yet, it's affordable, safe and convenient. Parking can be purchased on site for just $8, which is at least half of the average parking fee for most garages in the area. The Playhouse Square garage is conveniently located, as well.



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