The Catalyst Santa Cruz

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The Catalyst is located at 1011 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. It is located off of Laurel Street, near Broadway and parallel to Front street. Also nearby are the Westcoast Santa Cruz Hotel and the Boardwalk. Coming from the direction of the Municipal Pier you will pass Birch, Maple and Elm Street on Pacific before reaching the club. From the direction of the 17, it is best to come down the 9/River street and take Lincoln to Pacific. From that direction you will cross Cathcart Street just before reaching the Catalyst.



For The Catalyst Parking, there are two free parking lots located nearby at 270 Cathcart Street and Cedar Street, both of which are within a couple blocks of the venue. There is are two other parking lots that are for paid parking located on Cedar Street, very close by. In addition to this there is parking located behind the club. In downtown Santa Cruz there are a total of 22 parking lots, 16 of which are free.



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