The Ira & Nancy Koger Center for the Arts

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The only parking available at the Koger Center is handicapped parking. These spaces are limited and guests are advised to arrive early if they wish to secure a spaces. Parking in these spaces requires a handicapped decal. Guests who park without a decal risk having their vehicle towed. A fine of $100.00 is levied by the USC Police Department for illegally parking, and a fee of approximately $35.00 - $45.00 is charged by the towing company. There is a Drop Off Zone on the Assembly Street side of the building. This is particularly helpful during inclement weather, when Guests can drop off and pick up passengers close to the doors. Parking is not permitted in the drop off zone. There is on-street parking around the Koger Center, free after 6:00 p.m. and all day Sunday. Additionally, there are parking lots behind the Carolina Coliseum and at the Carolina Plaza; these lots are available during the evenings only. The City of Columbia operates a parking lot immediately behind the Koger Center. During the daytime, the fee to park in this lot is $1.00. During the evenings, City personnel are often stationed at this lot and charge a $3.00 fee. Occasionally, the lot is unmanned and parking is free. Parking is at a premium when events are taking place at the Koger Center and at the Carolina Coliseum simultaneously. Guests are advised to allow extra time to find a parking place when this happens.



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