The Machine Shop

3539 S Dort Hwy, Flint, US, 48507   |  (810) 715-2650
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Directions to The Machine Shop
The Machine Shop is located at 3539 South Dort Highway, Flint, MI, 48507. If approaching from the east or west, take the 69 to South Dort Highway, then head south to the address. You#25;ll see it just before reaching East Atherton Road. If approaching from the north or south, take the 475 or the 75 to the 69 and head east, then get off on South Dort Highway.
Parking near The Machine Shop
Parking is available in the immediate vicinity of the venue, but it#25;s highly recommended that you arrive extra early so that you can grab a decent spot and avoid the crowds.
Transportation to The Machine Shop
We don't have any transportation details right now.