UCI Bren Events Center

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Directions to UCI Bren Events Center
The UCI Bren Events Center is located at 100 Bren Event Center Dr., Irvine, CA. It#25;s on the University of California Irvine campus at the Corner of Bridge and Mesa. If traveling from Los Angeles, take the 405 Fwy South, exit on Jamboree, turn right. Turn left on Campus Drive, turn right on Bridge. If traveling from San Diego, take the 405 Fwy North, exit on Culver, turn left. Turn right on Campus Drive, turn left on Bridge.
Parking near UCI Bren Events Center
Looking for parking? It#25;s easy enough to find at the UCI Bren Events Center. The Center has a parking structure that can hold a capacity of 1,300 vehicles, and it#25;s immediately adjacent to the venue. If it#25;s full and you#25;re looking for more parking, try one of the many lots or structures located nearby. Fees are $7 per day/per event, and can be purchased at the entrance to each structure.
Transportation to UCI Bren Events Center
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