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Directions to Carnegie Hall - Zankel Hall
Directions to Zankel Hall at Carnegie go to the corner of 57th and Seventh in Manhattan. The 57th is easily accessible from either the 59th Street Bridge by turning left on First and then right on 57th. You can also find it easily from the Lincoln Tunnel by turning left on 12th and then turning right on 57th. If you come northeast on the 495, then you can turn right on FDR Drive S. turn right on First and left on 57th.
Parking near Carnegie Hall - Zankel Hall
There are a large number of parking garages available near Carnegie Hall, where Zankel Hall is located. On 56th you can find the Carnegie Mews, GMMC; Central Parking Systems; Central Parking Systems at Carnegie House; Central Parking Systems at Metropolitan Tower; Quik Park at Symphony House; and Direct Parking LLC. These are just a few of the parking garages that you can find near the venue.
Transportation to Carnegie Hall - Zankel Hall
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