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Waiting For Godot Broadway tickets

Waiting For Godot Broadway tickets

Waiting For Godot Broadway Schedule

Samuel Beckett's masterpiece, Waiting For Godot, is now playing on Broadway. The story takes you to a blurred universe where time, memory and place aren't logical.The latest production is scheduled to play at the Cort Theatre in New York City through the months of January and March.Make sure you pick up your tickets now through StubHub for Waiting For Godot before it's too late! With StubHub, you can also sign up for event updates so you'll be in the know right away when Waiting For Godot is headed for a stage near you. So what are you waiting for? Check out StubHub now!

Original Author

Novelist, playwright, theater director and poet Samuel Beckett was born in Dublin, Ireland, and resided in Paris for most of his adult life. He was able to write in both French and English.Beckett is celebrated as one of the most inspirational authors of the 20th century.He penned his first short stories and novels in the 1930s and 1940s. He wrote a trilogy of novels in the 1950s, as well as the renowned Waiting For Godot.In 1969, Beckett was the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature. His later works featured collections of short stories and poetry.Beckett's topics frequently offer a dismal, tragicomic view on human nature.

The Plot

The story of Waiting For Godot opens with two men, Estragon and Vladimir, waiting by a tree. They chat about a variety of subjects, and divulge that they are there waiting for a man named Godot to arrive. While they anticipate Godot's arrival, two other men, Pozzo and Lucky, stop to converse. It seems Pozzo is headed to the market to sell Lucky - his slave.After entertaining Estragon and Vladimir with dancing, Pozzo and Lucky leave. A boy then arrives, who informs Vladimir that he is Godot's messenger. Vladimir proceeds to question the messenger about Godot, and the boy then leaves.After the boy's exit, Vladimir and Estragon make the decision to leave, but they don't move as the curtain comes down.

The following evening, Vladimir and Estragon return to the tree again to wait for Godot. Pozzo and Lucky stop by again, but with a twist - this time Lucky is dumb and Pozzo is blind. Pozzo doesn't even recall meeting the pair the evening before. They go on their way once again while Estragon and Vladimir continue to wait for Godot.

Eventually, the messenger comes back and shares with Vladimir that Godot will not be coming. He too, claims that he does not remember his encounter with Vladimir the day before. After the messenger's exit, Vladimir and Estragon make the decision to leave, but yet again they remain planted where they are as the curtain drops, concluding the play.

Waiting For Godot History

The absurdist play, Waiting For Godot, was penned by Irish playwright Samuel Beckett. The premiere abridged production was staged in Club d'Essai de la Radio. It was additionally broadcast on French radio.The English debut of Waiting For Godot was at the Arts Theatre in London on August 3, 1955. At first, audiences walked out on the show. But after The Sunday Times and The Observer gave the show rave reviews, the show's popularity skyrocketed in London and then around the planet.

Several interpretations have been made that center around biographical, political, biblical, existentialist, Freudian and homoerotic philosophies. Becket responded with, "Why people have to complicate a thing so simple I can't make out."One notable production of Waiting For Godot was held at the Luttringhausen Prison in Germany. A copy of the play fell into the hands of an inmate, who translated the French copy into German. Then, in October 1954, he reached out to Beckett with a letter saying, "You will be surprised to be receiving a letter about your play Waiting For Godot, from a prison where so many thieves, forgers, toughs, homos, crazy men and killers spend this bitch of a life waiting... and waiting... and waiting. Waiting for what? Godot?" This forged Beckett's lengthy relationship with prisoners.

Waiting For Godot Trivia

Since Waiting For Godot first debuted, multiple unauthorized sequels have been penned. There are also countless books, movies and plays influenced by the theme, dialogue, story and format. There was even a British television show that came out in 1990 titled, Waiting for God. And, in 1974, Ray Manzarek came out with the tune, He Can't Come Today, also adapted from the play.

Waiting For Godot Cast

The opening night cast for the current Broadway production of Waiting For Godot features Billy Crudup as Lucky, Shuler Hensley as Pozzo, Ian McKellen as Estragon, Patrick Stewart as Vladimir, Colin Critchley as boy (alternate) and Aidan Gemme as boy (alternate).

Waiting For Godot Production Credits

From the original music and sound to the fantastic costumes and scenes, Waiting For Godot's opening production credits go to Sean Mathias (director), Stephen Brimson Lewis (scenic and costume design), Peter Kaczorowski (lighting design), Rob Milburn and Michael Bodeen (original music and sound design).

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