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Wicked San Diego Tickets

Wicked San Diego tickets

Wicked San Diego Plot

Have you been trying to figure out what kind of shows you want to head out and see on the stage this weekend? With two full days off from the work week, it's easy to see why you want to head to StubHub to see if there are any tickets available for you to catch a popular stage show at a venue in your area this weekend. But if you're committed to seeing a show that's been celebrated since it first debuted for audiences, consider heading out to get your tickets to enjoy Wicked on the stage when it comes to be performed next near you! Wicked is a show that details the life of Elphaba, a once much beloved figure in the land of Oz until a devastating event changed her life, transforming her once sweet personality into that of the Wicked Witch of the West, an infamous figure whose death is celebrated when Dorothy first lands in Oz.But how could such a celebrated figure become so hated almost overnight? Watch and see this popular show that brings Glinda the Goodwitch to the stage as a narrator to explain some of the history of the land of Oz that you've never heard before! Head to StubHub and get the tickets you need to enjoy Wicked on the stage when it comes to be performed at a venue near you! Don't miss out, get your tickets while they're still available!

Wicked San Diego Schedule

Was the plan for this weekend to grab your closest friends and head out to see Wicked when it opens at the San Diego Civic Theatre in beautiful San Diego, California? Well no matter where you were hoping to catch this popular show on the stage, know that you won't be the only one searching for your tickets to attend Wicked when it comes to the stage. This popular show sold out many of its dates during it's first run on the stage, so knowing that you can expect a crowded theater, consider logging on to StubHub to see if there will be any tickets available to get you and your loved ones in to enjoy this show on the stage. If you wait too long, you risk letting all of the seats for this show sell out, so take advantage of this opportunity and get your tickets to enjoy Wicked through StubHub while you still can!

Wicked San Diego Cast

When news of the show Wicked first leaked to theater-going folks before it's debut on the stage, many were unsure of what to expect from a production that so heavily borrowed it's material from an existing property. But thankfully, when the show finally came to the stage with such talented performers as Alison Luff, Gina Beck, Alison Fraser, Tim Kazurinsky, and Nick Adams, it became clear to fans that this wasn't just a cash grab using a popular and recognizable intellectual property, but a whole new story in the world of Oz meant to delight and entertain fans seeking some respite from the work week. So after the great success of Wicked's first run on the stage, a whole new group of performers is heading to the stage to bring this show to life. Such great talents as Jennifer DiNoia, Hayley Podschun, and Kathy Fitzgerald, and more, have all been putting in their hours of rehearsal each day to match the quality performances that were given during the first run of the show. So even if you've seen Wicked on the stage before and were looking for your opportunity to enjoy this show, know that you'll be getting an experience akin to what critics got when the show first debuted on the stage when you head out to see this quality production! Don't miss out on your chance to enjoy Wicked on the stage by getting your tickets through StubHub today!

Wicked San Diego Author

If you're the kind of person that can barely contain their excitement at the news that one of your favorite theatrical productions is returning for another season on the stage, prepare yourself for the joy that comes with the news that the popular stage musical Wicked is returning once again to delight the eager fans who have been clamoring for their next chance to sit in on this show! This popular production based on a book took the nation by storm during it's first run for audiences in theaters across the country, and now it's gearing up again to bring all of the magic and excitement of the original back to the stage when Wicked opens near you! The original author of the book that inspired the show, Gregory Maguire, once considered himself an enormous fan of L. Frank Baum's written work, devouring all of the written content that he could find about the mythical land of Oz. But as he began to reach the end of Baum's work, he realized there were quite a few gaps in some of the back stories about popular characters that he simply couldn't ignore. And with L. Frank Baum's death having occurred several decades ago, he realized how unlikely it would be that he'd ever have the answers to the questions he had about Oz. So instead of moving on, Gregory Maguire sat down and wrote his own book, filling in the gaps that L. Frank Baum left behind. When he was done, he had the first copy of Wicked, which was quickly adapted for the stage following it's release in bookstores everywhere. So whether you've been able to enjoy the show on the stage before or if this is your first time, know that you're going to love heading out to catch Wicked on the stage when it opens at a venue near you! Head to StubHub and get the tickets you need to attend this popular show today!

Wicked San Diego Cast

Q: When did Wicked first open for the stage?A: Wicked first opened for the stage in 2003, which was followed shortly after with its first national tour in 2005.

Q: Where did Wicked first open for the stage?A: Wicked first opened for the stage on Broadway, though it had its original tryouts in San Francisco.

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