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Zakir Hussain tickets

Zakir Hussain tickets - Zakir Hussain Tour

Zakir Hussain Tour

He's considered the greatest Indian tabla player ever and has been responsible for the most genius musical recordings of it's genre, and now he's going to be performing live for audiences that you yourself could be a part of! His musical tours have taken him on journeys around the planet more times than are worth counting, so whenever he is scheduled to make an appearance in the United States, you can believe that people will be getting excited. Without it even starting yet, 2014 is shaping up to be a great year since Zakir will be hitting venues in North Carolina and New York in March. His work has been considered the greatest of it's kind, leaving any and all forms of competition in the dust. And while his music is incredible no matter how you listen to it, there's definitely no comparison when you have a chance to hear it played live. His presence on the stage is next to none, as he conveys so much through just being there and playing his instrument. These are things that can't be properly conveyed through any conventional recording, so make sure that you're able to catch him live when he comes to town!

About The Band

Born in 1951 Mumbai, India, Zakir Hussain is the son of Alla Rakha, a tabla player who is legendary in the Indian and international music scenes. Following in the footsteps of his father, Zakir came to play the tabla at a young age, excelling in it by the age of seven and actually touring by the time he was only twelve years old. Considered by many to have been a child prodigy, it was when he was 19 that Zakir set off for the United States in an effort to begin his international career in music. First making his debut in America that same year alongside Ravi Shankar, he would go on from there to become the leader of a group known as the Tal Vadya Rhythm Band, which eventually evolved into the Diga Rhythm Band. Quickly growing into the international superstar that he is today, Zakir pressed on and formed the east/west fusion supergroup known as Shakti. Becoming part of and leader on a bevvy of other projects, Zakir pursued a solo career in the 80's in leading a group of his own called Zakir Hussain's Rhythmic Experience. He found incredible success with the group, with his debut album being "Making Music" in 1987 and has been referred to as "one of the most inspired East-West fusion albums ever recorded". He continued with his music into the 90's, in 1992 starting his own record label known as Monument Records, a label that has Indian music as a focus. Starting in 1990 Zakir began to earn himself a wide array of important awards such as Indo-American Award, as well as a Grammy for Best World Music Album for "Planet Drum" an album that he was part of and co-produced with Mickey Hart. He has gone on to win even more awards for his work in music and continues to tour around the world, sharing his music with fans everywhere.

Breakthrough Album/Song

With a professional career in music making itself available to Zakir at such a young age, it could be difficult to specify the exact work it was that he released that made him such an icon. To make it easier to narrow it down, this will pertain to his solo work only, and not any of the bands that he was simply a part of. In that case it would have to be his debut album in 1987, "Making Music", that truly shot Zakir into the heights of superstardom, as it was a critically acclaimed album that people from all over were drawn to. It very well may be his masterpiece, and with so much stellar work to choose from that's saying a lot.

Zakir Hussain Trivia

When you're one of the most influential and talented artists in the world, it's inevitable that you're going to receive a plethora of awards and accolades for your achievements. Starting out as a child prodigy and growing into the musical force that he is today, Zakir Hussain has been given a fair amount of honors from his home country of India as he was awarded the title of "Padma Shri" by the Indian Government, becoming the youngest percussionist to ever receive such an honor. In 2002 he was given yet another honor when the Indian government bestowed the title of "Padma Bushan" to Zakir. A history full of honor and achievements, the future still holds lots of potential for Zakir Hussain.

Fan Experience

When the arrives to see a living musical legend such as Zakir Hussain take to the stage and do what he does best, then you should probably take it. Seeing Zakir perform live and in person is something that you won't soon forget and will be a cherished memory that you carry with you for the rest of your days. Changing peoples lives with music, Zakir has made quite the name for himself in the world of music over the past forty years, and is now more popular than ever. With the kind of popularity that he enjoys, it goes without saying that there will be an avalanche of fans lining up to get their tickets, so beat the rush and grab your tickets from StubHub today!

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