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Zoogma Tickets

Zoogma Tickets - Zoogma Tour

Zoogma Tour

No one takes touring as seriously as Zoogma, the electronic rock group that has been making waves on the music scene for years, and now they're heading out for a string of shows that will blow you away. Hitting three states in the span of a few weeks, lucky fans that happen to reside in Colorado, South Carolina, and Louisiana are in for quite the treat! And even if you're not actually in any of those states but still want to check out Zoogma when they take to the stage then there's always the option of a roadtrip. Checking out an artist that you love is a defining experience, so if you've been eagerly waiting to check out Zoogma at one of their upcoming shows then now is the perfect time! A new tour is inevitable, but if you don't really feel like waiting to find out when and where they'll be heading after this leg of their tour then you'll want to do yourself a favor and see them perform live when they hit any of the above states in the coming weeks!

About The Band

No rookies to the music scene, the members of Zoogma have been hard at work in bringing the best in electronic music to all new levels for years. Combining elements of rock and electronic music, Zoogma has found the perfect balance and gone on to perform all over the country for years on end. Electronic rock is a slowly growing subgenre of music, but Zoogma are taking huge steps in broadening their horizons and expanding the boundaries of what is known and practiced in this particular music world. They have grown over the years to be almost genre-defying in the elements that they fuse into their regular work. Using elements of jazz, hip hop, EDM, rock, and other aspects of electronic music to create a sound that only Zoogma can properly reign in. It may sound eclectic at first, but they know exactly what they're doing and have managed to create a cohesive and layered electronic rock sound that few have succeeded at. They first debuted with their first album "Recreational Vehicles" in 2010, an eight track album filled to the brim with genius and electronic mastery. With an intense tour schedule that has them traveling all over and hitting venues at a frenetic pace, they found time to release an EP "Wet Hot American Mixtape" to tide their legion of fans over until their next full length release. That release came in 2013 with "Anthems 4 Androids", the highly anticipated sophomore full length effort from Zoogma. The group has set out on yet another lengthy tour that is sure to satisfy fans all across the country.

Breakthrough Album

While they had been playing live and experimenting for a while before their first release dropped in 2010, it was when they finally released their debut full length album "Recreational Vehicles" that they started to gain the attention of people all over. Packed with hit singles like "Syllepsis", "Incredible Machine", and others, Zoogma cemented themselves as more than just an electronic act with a killer live show. In the years since this solid 2010 release they have continued down the path of defining their amazing electro rock sound with an incredible follow up album, but it was with their debut release that they really showed the world that they were an act to keep an eye on.

Zoogma Trivia

Defining themselves as a rocking electronic act that has been rising through the ranks as a stellar group of artists, Zoogma really just wants to make good music for people to enjoy. And while most bands charge up the nose for a glimpse of their work, nickel and diming people for each individual song, Zoogma has taken an alternate path. Working hard on their music, Zoogma has chosen not to charge a cent for fans to get access to any of their work. It's true, you can get both of their amazing full length albums and even their stellar EP for free. No dollars, no cents. Free. And a path such as this might worry some into thinking that it's free because it's bad, all you need to do is take a listen to one of their tracks to realize that you couldn't be more wrong. Making good music and selling it for nothing, Zoogma is the best thing to happen to music in a long time.

Fan Experience

While most electronic acts do go on tour to promote their music and perform live for their fans, this usually entails no more than one person standing at a laptop and messing with some dials and switches. This is not what you're getting when you check out Zoogma perform live at one of their many upcoming shows. A electronic rock group composed of five people, these live shows are testament of the direction that live electronic music is taking and how it can stand tall against live shows of any other genre. You'll get all the rock instruments you need as well as killer beats and rhythms provided electronically live, making Zoogma's live shows an insane mix of live music that can't be beat.

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