162 Games | 162 Reasons
Richard Osborn - March 26, 2019

162 Games | 162 Reasons

#162Reasons to Catch a Major League Baseball Game, One for Each Regular-Season Matchup. (As if You Needed Additional Incentive.)
MLB Baseball Opening Day

With Opening Day fast approaching, StubHub offers 162 reasons to get out to a Major League Baseball game.

The Fenway Frank.

The fragrance of garlic fries.

Because it’s the House That Ruth Built.

Because sooner or later someone’s gonna throw a 106 mph fastball.

You’ve always wanted to sit atop the Green Monster.

Be a Bleacher Bum for a day.

To throw an opposing team’s home run ball back on the field.

So you can say you crossed Roberto Clemente Bridge on your way to PNC Park.

To experience the No. 7 train en route to Citi Field.

Because a day-night doubleheader is the perfect reason to play hooky.

To meet the Phillie Phanatic.

To catch a foul ball in your beer cup.


Where else can you throw your peanut shells on the floor?

To watch your kids run the bases at Oracle Park.

The prize in a box of Cracker Jack.

The seventh inning stretch.

To unabashedly belt out Take Me Out to the Ballgame with a choir of 35,000.

To argue balls and strikes from the upper deck.

To heckle the opposing starter: We want a pitcher, not a belly-itcher!

Because that $8.75 lemonade must be really good.

To mimic Harry Doyle in Major League: “JUST a bit outside.”

Because Comerica Park is your own Field of Dreams.

Because Mike Trout.

The play at the plate.

The inside-the-park home run.

Because every game counts.

You might just see a perfect game.

Because the ace of your staff is due for a no-hitter.

Because it’s Yankees vs. Red Sox.

Because this is the year. You’re sure of it.

Because last year you said: “Wait ‘til next year.”

The post-home run fireworks.

Because retractable-roofed stadiums have air conditioning.

The splendor of the grass.

Because this mid-season call-up is supposed to be the next Mickey Mantle.

You always wanted to see a Bryce Harper hair-flip in-person.

Because Toronto’s more than just a hockey town.

Because there’s nothing like a Splash Hit into McCovey Cove.

The Kiss Cam.

Name another sport with a Mookie, Yadi, Ozzie and Franchy.

Because there’s no crying in baseball.

Because the 6-4-3 double play is a thing of beauty.

To expand your vocabulary: A can of corn? A Texas leaguer? The eephus pitch?

If they win, they’ll play “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.”

Because you always wanted to hear a real Bronx cheer.

It’s Father’s Day.

Because you know the difference between K and ꓘ.

Because it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

The game within the game.

Where else do you get rewarded for stealing?

The autographs.

Because baseball is 90 percent mental. And the other half is physical.

Because it’s a beautiful day for baseball. Let’s play two.

Because you remember when your father took you to your first game.

Because you’re pushing 50 and you still collect baseball cards.

Because your parents always told you to swing for the fences.

Because fine cuisine should always be served in an upside-down batting helmet.

It’s Mother’s Day. (And you love those pink bats.)

You missed Willie, Mickey and The Duke. You’re not gonna miss Aaron Judge.

The walk-off homer.

Because The Yankees Win! THE YANKEES WIN!

The Tomahawk Chop.

You’ve been a Dodgers fan since they left Flatbush.

You’ve rooted for the Giants since they played below Coogan’s Bluff.

Because the Little Leaguer in you still likes to bring a glove to the game.

Where else are you gonna wear that throwback jersey?

Because it’s Giants vs. Dodgers.

Because Opening Day should be a national holiday.

The bobbleheads.

Because ‘Ya Gotta Believe.’

Because Tinker to Evers to Chance is now Bryant to Baez to Rizzo.

Like the song says, you’ve got to root, root, root for the home team.

Someone might just hit for the cycle.

Because Bernie Brewer might just make his way down that yellow slide.

Because it’s not every day that your team turns 150.

Because Mr. Met is the best mascot in the game.

You’re just in it for the free swag.

Because a cotton candy-topped hot dog covers all the major food groups.

Because it’s Orange Friday.

For the Sausage Race, of course.

For the Clydesdales.

To see someone light up the Big Red Apple in Queens.

To hear “New York, New York.”

Because you need a shot with Fredbird for your Instagram account.

To be a Bleacher Creature for a day.

To see the ivy walls of Wrigley.

Because you believe in the power of the Rally Monkey.

To catch the Home Run Train.

To pass your money down the row to the churros guy, assembly-line style.

To see if anyone uses Milli Vanilli for their walk-up music.

Because Catfish, Rollie, Reggie and Vida set the standard.

Because it’s father-daughter bonding time.

Because Holy cow! Get up, baby, get up! Tell it bye-bye, baby! It is OUTTA here! It’s a goner! A GONER! Go crazy, folks, go crazy!

Because you’re still learning how to use a scorecard.

Because The Babe, Joe D., Yogi, Mick and The Scooter.

Because Jackie, Pee Wee, Campy and The Duke.

Because Stretch, Baby Bull and The Say Hey Kid.

Because it’s about tradition.

Because you’re no fair weather fan.

Because Metallica is singing the National Anthem.

Because it’s Star Wars Night.

Because that Machado kid sure looks good in a Padres uniform.

For the Rally Fries.

Because there’s nothing like a lower box seat.

The triple play.

Because there’s a pool and a hot tub in the outfield.

Because you’ve memorized the words to “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.”

For the “Sweet Caroline” singalong.

The All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion.

To see Minnie and Paul shake hands.

Because they tailgate in baseball, too.

Because we all need more cowbell.

Because it’s Bacon Tuesday.

Have you seen those milkshakes at Yankee Stadium?

Because you haven’t lived until you’ve had a Primanti Bros. sandwich.

You’ve always wanted to see a majestic homer land in the Allegheny.

Because hope springs eternal.

Because you’ve got money on the game.

Because who needs those company seats anyway?

Because Gibby, The Mad Hungarian and Stan the Man.

Because where else can you kayak to the game?

Because Yaz, Big Papi, Pudge and Teddy Ballgame.

Because Mookie, Doc, Captain America and Tom Terrific.

You’re just in it for the exotic fish.

Because, darn it, you look good in purple.

To see the Big A.

The sights, the smells, the suicide squeeze.

The double switch.

Because her Hinge profile says she likes baseball.

You’ve always wanted to meet Marlins Man.

Because the high heat, the brushback, the chin music.

Because your favorite player could use some support to get above The Mendoza Line.

Because your team’s headed for October baseball. You can feel it. In April.

Because we can’t possibly lose six straight. (Can we?)

Two halves? Three periods? Four quarters? You get NINE innings.

Because it’s The Battle of the Bay.

Because it’s The Windy City Showdown.

Because it’s The Subway Series.

Because it’s The I-70 Series.

Because it’s The Lone Star Series.

Because it’s The Ohio Cup.

Because it’s The Freeway Series.

Because your own grandmother’s already been to six games this year.

For the Presidents Race.

Because Indians super-fan John Adams is your favorite drummer.

Because you’re the guy who holds up that ‘John 3:16’ sign.

Because baseball has been very, very good to you.

Because the Baseball Almanac is your idea of ‘light reading.’

Because you’ve committed Derek Jeter’s career stats to memory.

You’re awaiting the next Murderers’ Row, Gashouse Gang, or Big Red Machine.

Because, as Casey Stengel said, “The trick is growing up without growing old.”

The T-shirt cannon.

Nine innings, nine desserts.

You’ve had Kansas City Royals pajamas as long as you can remember.

Burr, Hamilton and Jay on one team? That’s revolutionary.

Because they’re bringing back the bullpen carts.

Because the next Iron Man is gonna play 2,633 consecutive games.

Because someone’s gotta break DiMaggio’s streak.

Because it’s Wally Moon, Blue Moon Odom and the occasional moonshot.

The score’s tied with bases loaded and two down in the bottom of the ninth.

Because it’s America’s Pastime.