Valentine's Day: Dance. Cheer. Love.
stubhub - February 05, 2020

Valentine's Day: Dance. Cheer. Love.

An Unfailing, Foolproof, Step-By-Step Relationship Guide
Step-By-Step Relationship Guide

Armed with bow, arrow and devilish grin, Cupid is a busy boy this month. You’ll have to forgive him if he’s been ignoring your texts. But, the truth is, not all of us can rely on the mythical matchmaker to guide us toward our one true love, if such a concept even exists.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, StubHub offers the following guide to live experiences for each stage of your relationship, from awkward opening encounter to budding love affair.

The First Date: Keep it simple. This is low-commitment territory. No need to overplay your hand. Stick to your favorite coffee joint, the local microbrewery, the spot where everyone lines up for that donut-croissant crossbreed. Or root on your alma mater at a college hoops game, where there’ll be ample opportunity to get to know one another. First impressions are everything.   

The Call-Back: Okay, so we might have something going here. Time to take it up a notch. A cozy concert venue might just be the ideal next step. You can get a feel for your date’s musical leanings in an intimate setting, where tickets are affordable and you can hear each other above the din. Our recommendations: The Fillmore in San Francisco, The Wiltern in LA, Chicago’s Riviera Theatre, Brooklyn Steel or Atlanta’s Tabernacle.

The Adventure: There’s clearly some compatibility here. Time to venture further afield, to take a road trip. Your date’s Tinder profile professed a love for baseball, so why not take in some fun-in-the-sun spring training games in Arizona or Florida? Or head to the California desert for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival? If you’re still standing after three days of Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott and Frank Ocean, this might be more than just a passing fling. 

The Double Date: So you’re ready to introduce others to the dynamic, maybe even team up with another couple for a big-ticket outing. Catch an MLB game, where it’s easy to chat between innings; or see a big-stage performer like Elton John, Billie Eilish or BTS. The group dynamic affords you an opportunity to hang out, travel, sit and bucket-list together. 

Meet the Parents: You know it’s getting serious when it’s time to get Mom and Dad involved. What better scenario in which to break the ice than to see some stand-up? A comedian like Sebastian Maniscaclo or Jo Koy can help take the edge off and keep everyone laughing. Grab dinner beforehand, share a few drinks afterward — or both. Win them over and you’re in.   

The Long Haul: Love is most definitely in the air. You actually hold hands in public now. You’re “that” couple that other, less smitten, pairs see on the street and mumble “Oh, please” under their breath. You’re ready to make the move to rom-coms; to emotional, Tony-nominated shows like Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton or Hadestown. Theater is for lovers. 

The Make-Up: Fights happen. There’s no getting around it. It’s how you remedy the situation that counts. A rowdy, loud, energy-filled event will help you shake the cobwebs and get over that row. Maybe try an NHL or NBA game, where the arena is rocking and you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement. A game-winning, third-period goal or fourth-quarter buzzer-beater can do wonders for couples therapy.   

The End is Near: When things have gone stale, it might be best to go full-circle and return to the locale of your second date, that intimate concert venue that ignited all those sparks in the first place. Who knows, you might rediscover that chemistry and avoid the break up altogether (or find someone else to dance with).