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Promote your favorite artist or team across your fanbase with tickets available for more than 300,000 live sports, music and theatre events at any time and more than 16 million visitors a month generating a ticket sale every second.

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It's simple. Promote tickets with your unique publisher link across your experience. You earn a commission when your link is used for qualifying purchases.

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Our world class platform provides real-time access to tools and reports that deliver rich, granular data to help you understand, manage, and improve your results.

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Apply now! When you become part of The StubHub Publisher Program, you’ll have direct access to our onboarding team, which will allow you to take advantage of our 20 years of e-commerce experience.

Our Partners Say

  • Alana Bemel, CBS Interactive

    Stubhub is a natural and successful fit for the CBSi affiliate program. With our partnership we are able to connect fans with access to live events, bringing together content and experiences that enrich their lives. Integrating the two – both philosophically and technically – could not be easier.

  • Janna Bowman, Honey

    StubHub is a valuable partner to Honey’s platform. Their affiliate program is robust and clearly outlines offers and benefits that we can quickly deliver to our users. We continue to expand and optimize through their affiliate offerings and have seen exponential growth with our StubHub partnership!

    Honey logo
  • Elana Fraioli, Skimlinks

    We are thrilled that StubHub is a member of our managed merchant program. They've always worked closely with us to provide great value to the leading editorial publishers within our network. Through StubHub, our publishers can recommend the best-value tickets to sports, music and theater events to their readers, and earn valuable commission on the conversions they drive.

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More Events, More Selection

StubHub is the world's largest ticket marketplace.

  • 1.3
    Tickets sold per second
  • +100m
    Visitors to our websites per year
  • 40+
    Countries have events listed at StubHub

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is StubHub?

    StubHub is the world's largest ticket marketplace with tickets available for hundreds of thousands of live sports, music and theater events in more than 40 countries. More than $4B in tickets are bought and sold on StubHub annually. Our mission is to bring the joy of live events to fans globally.

  • How does the StubHub Publisher Program work?

    StubHub Partners can earn a percentage of ticket sales on qualifying orders (commissions) that result from clicks on links to StubHub from partner's sites. Once the event has occurred as scheduled, orders will be validated and the associated commissions will be scheduled for payment.

  • How can I see how much I'm earning?

    StubHub uses a platform called Partnerize to track clicks and sales from partners. Every publisher partner will have access to a dashboard with daily data on orders and commissions.

  • Who is eligible for StubHub's Publisher Program?

    All publishers are encouraged to apply to the program, however not all publishers will meet the program requirements. StubHub reserves the right to reject any application in its sole discretion.

  • How do I apply?

    Click here to apply for the StubHub program on the Partnerize platform. Typically applications will be approved or rejected within a week or two.

  • How do commissions work?

    Commissions are a share of the profits StubHub pays to partners for driving qualified sales. StubHub pays commissions on the ticket price including StubHub fees, less any discounts and excluding taxes.

  • How does the tracking work?

    StubHub uses the Partnerize platform to track clicks and sales for the publisher program. Each order is tracked using a 30 day cookie.

  • What is Partnerize?

    Partnerize is a SaaS technology company that helps the world's leading brands, like StubHub, build powerful business partnerships that drive extraordinary business growth. The Partnerize Partner Automation Platform is an end-to-end, SaaS-based solution for forming, managing, analyzing, and predicting the future results of partner marketing programs. Find out more here.

  • How do order validations work?

    Orders attributed to a publisher are set as pending until after the associated event has occurred. Once the event has occurred, StubHub reviews the pending transactions to ensure all tracked orders qualify for commissions based on the requirements outlined in the program Terms & Conditions. Examples for non-validation include cancelled or fraudulent orders, event cancellations, or the order being attributed to another publisher or other StubHub paid marketing efforts.

  • What if I have more questions about the StubHub Publisher Program or need help once I join?

    StubHub uses an agency called Acceleration Partners to help the StubHub team manage the program. Please reach out to that team by emailing

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